This was us on our wedding day December 19, 1999

Hi I’m Melissa Perez. I started Simply Captivating, and have been shooting since October 2000 but life got so much more fun when I started shooting weddings in 2006. 

I started shooting when my son was just 3 months old. He just turned 15 and started highschool. Time has flown.

Although I did not originally follow photography as a career it became my obsession in 2005 when I started shooting portraits. I later started shooting weddings in 2006 and have been doing so for 8 years.

Over the years I have shot hundreds of weddings. I never get tired of them.

I live in the beautiful MIA, Miami, with my husband, son, and 2 doggies. My husband, Javier and I have been married for almost 16 years.

We were lucky to be married at a very young age of 16 & 17, but we feel its allowed us to build the life we truly wanted and are now able to enjoy it.

Javier is a cinematographer shooting weddings and commercial work in Miami and world wide, please click on the above link labled "CINEMA" for a preview of some of his work. (or you can click here for a shortcut> CINEMA


Janai was our studio manager  from mid 2013  to Fall 2015 and has really helped our business grow to another level. You will find Janai to be extremely efficient and organized!

She is now one of our associate photographers!


“I’m Janai. The seed that made my passion for photography grow was planted when I was thirteen. My mother bought her first digital camera which soon after I took possession of. I took that camera with me everywhere I went! My niece at the time was only months old and she became my first subject! Soon after graduating high school I decided I wanted to take photography more seriously so I started working on my career and gaining experience as a children's photographer. Five years later and my passion grows more and more each day!”

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(make up in this photo by OSIRA )


Ricky has been shooting with us since 2009, although he took 3 years to travel and live in Europe, 2014 is definitely an amazing year for Simply Captivating to have him back on our team. 

“Hi! I’m Ricky!  I love the soft look of film and the hues it displays. I try to transfer that beautiful creamy look to my photography regardless if I am shooting film or digital. I have so much fun with my couples during weddings. Photography is about capturing moments we want to remember forever. It is looking back and feeling what was, and reminding us how far we have come. I believe in this strongly and I want to share this with everyone. From Miami, Florida and lived in Madrid, Spain 2011-2014, I have been shooting since 2004, and my passion grows with every self rewarding snap of the camera. I had so much fun in Europe for almost 3 years and am so happy to be back to shooting full time.I have the support of friends and family and I put 100% into my work. As the field of photography grows, I am challenged to continuously push the envelope with creative shots. I attended the Art Institute of Miami and majored in Photography and loved every minute. "

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My name is Gonzalo. In photography and in life, I am on a journey hoping to explore as much of the world as I can, while capturing it's beauty the way I perceive it. Photographs are a very powerful tool, they have the ability to bring us back to important moments in our lives. Likewise, photographs can spark imagination, create dreams and desires, tell stories of people we will never meet and places we will never get to go. However, through photographs it's as if we have been there, we have shared in those moments and they are a part of our lives now. I love being able to share my life's experiences through my images for the world to see. A favorite quote of mine "The goal is not to change your subjects, but for the subject to change the photographer." by Unknown author


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Vicky is our newest Associate Photographer and in house Editor. She just took on the roll of Studio Manager as well and has proven to be amazing and photographing everything from Doggies to Weddings!! She is our newest  Wedding Photographer and on her time off she enjoys Off roading, she's brave and captures some spectacular Off-Road images of her favorites subjects, JEEPS

Vicky graduated in 2014 with a bachelors in Photography from the Miami International University of Art & Design



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