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This was us on our wedding day December 19, 1999

Hi I’m Melissa Perez. I started shooting when my son was just 3 months old. He just turned 17 and is finishing highschool. Time has flown.

Although I did not originally follow photography as a career it became my obsession in 2005 when I started shooting portraits. I later started shooting weddings in 2006 and have been doing so for 11 years.

Over the years I have shot hundreds of weddings. I never get tired of them.

I live in the beautiful MIA, Miami, with my husband, son, and 2 doggies. My husband, Javier and I have been married for almost 18 years.

We were lucky to be married at a very young age of 16 & 17, but we feel its allowed us to build the life we truly wanted and are now able to enjoy it.

Javier is a cinematographer shooting weddings and commercial work in Miami and world wide, please click on the above link labled "CINEMA" for a preview of some of his work. (or you can click here for a shortcut> CINEMA